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5 Home Entertainment Tips

Here are 5 tips you should keep in mind when installing your home entertainment system.

1. Plan Ahead:

When building or renovating a home, it is essential that you plan ahead. Plan out where you want your TV, computer or home theatre system before the house is finished. Running conduit and cabling for different wires could help A/V (audio visual) professionals run the necessary connections without having to hide them under the carpet.

2. Think Integration:

Everything is integration now and with the advent of mobile electronics, you can flush your toilet with an iPad now! Even though this maybe a bit excessive, the home theatre or entertainment system should be able to integrate with a host of other products on the market so that you can sit, relax and control everything from one device.

3. Spend wisely, but don't be cheap:

Most of us have an idea of the good, bad and ugly brands out there; yet we still prefer to buy the ugly ones hoping that we get a diamond in the rough. I suggest that you save your money and not only buy a reputable brand, but buy from a local dealer that can handle issues if they do arise. Buying online is great and I do it all the time! However, you would be better off spending the little extra cash buying it from the local dealer than to buy online and have to ship it back out for repair or even worse, it lands here dead on arrival.

4. Do Your Research:

If you have always wanted a new big screen TV with internet connectivity, 3D effects and all the snazzy stuff, you want to make sure that you know what you are buying. The sales guy should be tech savvy and should be able to explain simple concepts to you, but at the end of the day... his job is to move stock. This is where Dr. Google comes in; find out the as much as you can about the things you need to look for when buying a new TV, or a new 5.1 system or anything electronic for that matter and if you are not sure, ask the sales guy to explain it to you. This will ensure that you buy what is best for your particular situation and not end up with old stock from the store.

5. Hire a Pro:

I encourage you to hire an expert when looking to set up any type of home entertainment, home automation or home security system. Yes there are the box versions that you can plug and play, but these may not suit your needs entirely. You can benefit from their expertise and you can ask all the questions you want. Remember, your new home A/V setup is not just and experience, it is a lifestyle! so make sure you get it set up correctly by a trained professional.

Thank you for reading my blog. Any questions, queries or recommendations can be sent to Emerald Living, or

Have a great day!


Christopher Maughan

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