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Farewell Mr. Ramsay

Saturday we said farewell to a man of integrity, ambition and strength, Mr. George Arthur Ramsay. Mr. Ramsay was the Managing Director of Ramsay Real Estate and sat on the board of numerous organisations.

I first met Mr. Ramsay when my interest in real estate peeked and I attended an open BEAVA (Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association) meeting; with a smile and a kind word of encouragement, he welcomed me to the industry. Since then, whenever I would see him at meetings or in social settings he would always say, "keep pushing for your business, it would be your legacy", which would usually follow with "you know my son Art right? Give him a call and let's work together".

It was a sad day to see him go but his legacy lives on through his businesses and of course his family. Success isn't about how much money you make.. it's about the difference you make in people's lives. Mr. Ramsay you were very successful.

Rest In Paradise Mr. Ramsay

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